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FleetBoard® Bonus System

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The FleetBoard Bonus System is a bonus system based on FleetBoard-Systems data and enables a user friendly, individual and efficient generation of a bonus. With this a neutral incentive proposal as input to the payroll system can be calculated for the driver.


  • Input of parameters to weight the FleetBoard data
  • Selection of several parameters by driver group and month
  • Simulation option
  • Online-display of the simulation result
  • Printout of the results
  • User- and password protected access

Immediately after month end the FleetBoard data is available and can be used for the bonus system with a simple call of a website via a secured access.

Multiple simulations allow to adjust the results. The reports can be printed out to be used for other purposes (e.g. payroll, exhibit to the drivers).


  • Driver groups are managed within FleetBoard
  • Automatic import of driver performance evaluation directly out of the FleetBoard database
  • Historical data (e.g. previous months) can be accessed any time
  • Check routines with error reports (e.g. multiple allocation of a driver to a driver group)
  • Webbased product, therefore no program installation
  • Low fee per driver and month, no one-time cost for the software

You can test the complete bonus system for 30 days free of charge with your own FleetBoard data.

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